Take A Number: First Use

1 minute read


Take A Number seemed to work pretty well in the lab on Saturday, the first time I’ve used it where I think it needs to be used.

Students Served: 17

Average Wait Time (s): 120.1

Average Service Time (s) : 182.5

Average Total Time in System (s) : 302.5

So an average wait time of about two minutes, and I spoke with each group for three minutes on average.

I didn’t count the time when I was free and walking around speaking to each group, sometimes answering questions.


There are a couple of things that I’ll update.

Make Getting a New Ticket Easier

Currently, when the student has been served, they have to go back to the Blackboard link that started it as there is no way to request a new ticket from the “You are not in the queue” page. That’s pointless, so I’ll put the Take A Number button on that page too.

Update 3/26: Done on March 26th, 2019. ✅

Starting Service

The figures above assume that the first student served is serviced immediately, so their initial wait time is zero. I think this means I need a “I’m starting to serve people” button on the servicer page to get it to work.

Update 3/26: This one is harder. I’ll have to remember to click a button before I start talking to someone… needs more thought. ❓

What’s Next?

I’ll revisit the Undone pieces and the two new updates above.