Whither 2019?

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Whither 2019?

Well, 2018 wasn’t the best. Some of it was good: I enjoyed teaching more at CCSU, though the double-jobbing was a little rough on “personal” time and IEEE time!

So I’ve been thinking about what 2019 should bring, and so this is my list. They’re not “resolutions” as such, but they’re projects that I’d like to try to get done in 2019 and I’m making them semi-public so that I might actually get guilted into doing them.

Write a novel

I know, I know, it’s cliché, but I’ve had an idea for a novel for more than a year now and haven’t made time to write it. I thought I’d try to kick it off with a bang during nanowrimo 2018, but that never happened. So I’m aiming to finish a first draft by November this years.

Do some research

A fellow user of the Signal Processing Stackexchange site contacted me via email with an idea they’ve had for a while. I think it’s kind of cute, and want to flesh it out into a paper with them. I’m not sure when this will get done, but I’ve made some headway over the last little while.

DSP Comic

For some time, I’ve had the idea of putting together a comic about signal processing basics. This was inspired by Richard Lyons’s great book on signal processing: Rick’s book has lots of great diagrams that I think really help to explain some of the concepts. I reckon, with the right artist, that many of them could be put into the graphic novel format. Unfortunately, I’m not an artist, but I’ve been putting some energy into finding a local artist that I can collaborate with. No takers yet, but if you know anyone HMU as they say in Twitterland.

Benchmark Amazon F1 Devices

Part of my teaching last year was about VHDL and FPGAs. I’ve become intrigued by the idea of using FPGAs to do some of my “day job” stuff: write VHDL implementations of some of the high-falutin’ stuff I’ve been doing at Noster. The aim is to see what factor of speed up is possible. My guess is that it could be X1000, but it would depend on the algorithm and associated data.

Write more blogs

In addition to writing more fiction and “hard” non-fiction, I want to write some more “soft” non-fiction in terms of blogs. These may end up being about some more hard non-fiction stuff, but they’ll be more opinion-based than research-based.

Wither 2018!

In any event, I am glad that 2018 is over and gone and I’m hopeful of some interesting new things in the coming year.

Happy New Year, everyone!